31 Mar

The Booted racket-tail (Ocreatus underwoodii) is a frequent visitor at the Nature Reserve de Los 2 Corazones in Northwest Ecuador. It is a small bird, measuring about 11 cm long and weighing around 5-6 grams. Its upper parts are a shimmering green color, while the underparts are a pale green color. The male bird (depicted here) has a white spot behind its eye, and its crown is a deep blue-purple color. Cute white puffs adorn its feet. The most distinctive feature of the male is its tail, which is shaped like a racket. The two central tail feathers are long, measuring up to 8 cm in length. The oblong terminal flags are iridescent, shining with green, blue, and purple hues. I have been fascinated many times seeing two males confronting each other while scissoring their tails in mid-flight. Canon R5, 100- 400 IS L Lens 1/200 f16 ISO 400 Multiflash technique. Thank you for looking.

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