Los 2 Corazones Nature Reserve is a private non-profit enterprise located in Northwest Pichincha, Ecuador, and it is the home of Juan and Katy Bahamón. Established in 2007, and has been successful in recovering degraded cloud forests. After planting more than 20000 native trees, we created a sanctuary for birds (especially hummingbirds), Orchids (mainly Draculas), and mammals (spectacled bear and deer). It offers opportunities for hummingbird photography, observation of birds, the most extensive collection of Dracula orchids in a natural habitat, and walking trails.
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Dracula Alcithoe

Drácula andreettae

Drácula andreettae Xanthina

Drácula anthracina

Drácula antonii

Drácula aphrodes

Drácula astuta

Drácula barrowii

Drácula bella

Dracula benedictii

Drácula berthae

Drácula carcinopsis

Drácula Chestertonii

Drácula chimaera

Drácula Chimaera Xanthina

Drácula chiroptera

Drácula chiroptera yellow

Drácula circe

Drácula citrina

Drácula cochliops

Drácula cordobae

Drácula cutis-bufonis

Drácula dalessandroi

Drácula dalstroemii

Drácula decussata

Drácula deltoidea

Drácula deniseana

Drácula diabola

Drácula Diana

Dracula Dodsonii

Drácula erythrochaete

Drácula exasperata

Drácula felix

Drácula fuligifera

Drácula gigas

Drácula gigas (Brown)

Dracula Gigas Melon

Dracula Gigas Nice Clon

Dracula Gigas xanthina

Dracula Gigas "Gigi"

Dracula Gorgona

Dracula Gorgona Type Red

Draccula Gorgona Xanthina

Dracula Gorgonella

Dracula Hawleyi

Dracula Hirsuta Red

Dracula Hirsuta Yellow

Dracula Hirtzii

Dracula Hirtzii Xanthina

Dracula Houtteana

Drácula inaequalis

Dracula Ligiae

Dracula Janetiae

Drácula kareniae

Dracula Kareniae La Rojita

Dracula Laefleurii

Dracula Demurella

Dracula Lotax

Dracula Orientalis

Dracula Maduroi

Dracula Mantissa

Dracula Marsupialis

Dracula Mendozae

Dracula Minax

Dracula Mopsus

Dracula Mopsus Ecuagenera

Dracula Morleyi

Dracula Navarrorum

Dracula Nycterina

Dracula Olmosii

Dracula Ophioceps

Dracula Papillosa

Dracula Pholeodytes

Dracula Platycrater

Dracula Polyphemus

Dracula Portillae

Dracula Posadarum

Dracula Presbys

Dracula Psittacina

Dracula Pscittacina 1

Dracula Psyche

Dracula Radiella

Dracula Radiosa

Dracula Rezekiana

Dracula Ripleyana

Dracula Robledorum

Dracula Roezlii

Dracula Roezlii San Francisco

Dracula Saulii

Dracula Severa

Dracula Sibundoyensis

Dracula Sijmii

Dracula Simia

Dracula Sodiroi

Dracula Sodiroi Erythrocodon

Drácula soennemarkii

Dracula Spectrum

Dracula Terborchii

Dracula Trichroma

Dracula Tsubotae

Dracula Tubeana

Dracula Ubangina

Dracula Vampira

Dracula Vampira Gualaceo

Dracula Veleziana

Dracula Velutina

Dracula Velutina Xanthina

Dracula Venefica

Dracula Venosa

Dracula Vespertilio

Dracula Villegasii

Dracula Vlad Tepes

Dracula Waliisii

Dracula Woolwardiae

Drácula radiosyndactyla

Dracula Xenos

Dracula Transilvania (Hybrid)

Dracula D'Lutto (Hybrid)

Dracula Chimaera Xanthina

Dracula Raven

Dracula Raven Asymb

Dracula Raven x Minax

Dracula Asymb x Vampira

Dracula Asymb x Gigas

Dracula Raven Jet

Dracuvallia (Vampira x Ingridiana)

Dracuvalia Aletta Page

One-to-one instruction on bird photography including multiflash, long lens, macro and enviromental techniques.

All flash equipment, flowers, props, backgrounds is provided.

Cost $ 200 per day, includes on site lunch

To reserve your spot please email me at jbahamon@pm.me

Hummingbird List

1. Fawn breasted brilliant 5 2. Green violetear 1 3. Purple-throated woodstar 5 4. Violet-tailed sylph 5 5. Long-tailed sylph 1 6. White booted racket-tail 5 7. Velvet-purple Coronet 5 8. Brown violet ear 4 9. White-neck jacobin 3 10. Brown inca 3 11. Rufous-tailed hummingbird 5 12. Andean emerald 5 13. Empress brilliant 4 14. Purple-bibbed white tip 5 15. Buff-tailed coronet 5 16. Tawny-bellied Hermit 4 17. Speckled Hummingbird 3 18. Green-Fronted Brilliant 4 19. Collared Inca 3 20. Sparkling violet ear 3 21. Striped-throated hermit 1 22. Green-fronted lancebill 1 23. White-bellied Woodstar 4 24. Gorgeted  sunángel

 Bird List

A complete list will be coming

 Orchid List

DRACULAS: 1. alcithoe 2. andreettae 3. andreettae xanthina 4. anthracina 5. antonii 6. aphrodes 7. astuta 8. astuta ´Ecuagenera` 9. barrowii 10. barrowii type 11. bella 12. benedictii 13. carcinopsis x 2 14. chimaera 15. chimaera extra big 16. chimaera xanthina 'Ecuagenera x 2 17. chiroptera 18. chiroptera yellow 19. circe 20. citrina 21. cochliops 22. cordobae 23. cutis-bufonis 24. dalessandroi 25. Dalstroemil 26. Decussata 27. deltoidea 28. deltoidea 29. deniseana 30. diabola 31. diana 32. D'lutto 33. dodsonii 34. Dracula Asymb x Dracula vampira 35. Dracula Raven x Dracula Minax 36. Ecuagenera 37. exasperata x 2 38. felix x 20 39. fuligifera 40. gigas 41. gigas black 42. gigas brown 43. Gigas Brown x Dracula lotax 44. gigas melon 45. gigas nice clone 46. Gigas x Dracula chiroptera 47. Gigas x Dracula robledorum x 2 48. gigas xanthina 49. gigas xanthina 002667 50. gigas xanthina 'Gigi' 51. gorgona Type Red 52. Gorgona x Dracula lotax x 2 53. gorgona xanthina 54. gorgonella 55. hawleyi 56. hirsuta red 57. hirsuta yellow x 2 58. hirtzii 59. hirtzii xanthina 60. houtteana 61. inaequalis 62. janetiae 63. kareniae 64. kareniae 'La Rojita' 65. lafleurii 66. lemurella 67. levii 68. ligiae 69. lotax 70. maduroi 71. mantissa 72. marsupialis 73. mendozae 74. minax 75. mopsus 76. mopsus 'Ecuagenera' 77. morleyi 78. navarroorum 79. Nycterina 80. olmosii 81. ophioceps 82. orientalis 83. papillosa 84. pholeodytes x 2 85. platycrater 86. polyphemus x 2 87. portillae 88. posadarum 89. presbys 90. psittacina 91. psittacina 1 92. psyche 93. radiella x 2 94. radiosa 95. Raven 96. Raven Asymb 97. Raven Asymb x Dracula Gigas 98. Raven jet 99. Raven jet x Dracula Marsupialis x 2 100. Raven jet x Dracula simia 101. rezekiana 102. ripleyana 103. robledorum 104. roezlii 105. roezlii ´San Francisco`x 2 106. saulii 107. severa x 2 108. sibundoyensis 109. sijmii 110. simia 111. simia extra big 112. sodiroi 113. Sodiroi subs Erythrocodon x  2 114. soennemarkii 115. spectrum 116. terborchii 117. transilvania 118. trichroma x 2 119. tsubotae type 120. tubeana 121. ubangina Juan 122. vampira x 3 123. vampira 'Gualaceo' 124. Vampira x Masdevalia Ingridiana 125. veleziana x 2 126. velutina xanthina x 2 127. velutina  128. venefica x 2 129. venosa 130. vespertilio 131. villegasii x 2 132. vlad-tepes 133. wallisii 134. woolwardiae 135. x radiosyndactyla 136. xenos DRACUVALIAS: 1. Dracuvallia Aletta Page = Masdevallia veitchiana x Dracula Raven 2. Dracuvallia Melissa Tan Dark 3. Dracuvallia Blue Boy MASDEVALLIAS: 1. Macchu Picchu 2. ayabacana 3. polysticta var spathulifolia 4. anna Chai 5. abbreviata 6. strobelli 7. angulata 8. delhierroi 9. Coccinea x 5 10. Angulata 11. Sin Nombre PLEUROTHALLIS: 1. Pleurothallis truncata PORROGLOSSUM: 1. muscosum 2. dactylum 3. porphyreum 4. portillae MAXILLARIAS: 1. reichenheimaniana PHRAGMIPEDIUMS: 1. Bessae 2. Longifolium BROMELIAS: 1. Tillandsia cyanea SCAPHOCEPHALUM: 1. swertifolium RESTREPIAS: 1. Restrepia guttulata LEPANTHES: 1. Lepanthes saltatrix 2. Lepanthes pelix STELIS: 1. Stelis concinna 2. 3. TELIPOGON 1. Telipogon andicola 2. TRICHOSALPINX: 1. dura EPIDENDRUMS: 1. Epidendrum medusae x Epidendrum kockii 2. Epidendrum macrum TRICHOCEROS: 1. Thrichoceros antennifer MILTONIOPSIS: 1. Miltoniopsis herralexandre x Miltoniopsis Mary sugiyama ONCIDIUMS: 1. Oncidium camilita portilla

 Mammal List

A complete list will be coming

 Reptile/amphibian list

A complete list will be coming

The Wax Palm are endangered

The Wax Palm

Where are we located?

We are located in the province of Pichincha, near the dwelling of San Sebastian which belongs to the town of Nanegalito. Our GPS is 0.005118, -78.723763

How to reach us?

You can email us at jbahamon@pm.me or call the caretaker Mrs. Karina Loor Whastup 593-98-471-9740 beforehand with your approximate arrival time so that we will be waiting for you.

From Quito, it takes approximately 1 1/2 hours to reach us.
Please take the road to Calacali - Independencia (the one going to Mitad del Mundo)

At kilometer 50, you pass the town of Nanegalito keep going.

At kilometer 69, be at the lookout to the exit to San Sebastian on your left. (There is a road restaurant).

Leave the paved road and enter the unpaved road to the town of San Sebastian. It is less than one Kilometer.

When you see a small Catholic church on the right side, you will see a wooden sign to Los 2 Corazones turn right on the road parallel to the church and advance for two more kilometers.

You will see a sign of Los Dos Corazones Nature Reserve on the left.

There is a caretaker's house painted green just to your right.

You can park there and knock on the door, if nobody answer, please call Mrs. Loor at Whastup 593-98-471-9740.

The hummingbird feeders are 30 feet above the house along with the feeders for tanagers, toucans, woodpeckers etc. The Dracula Orchid garden is right after the hummingbird feeders.

Enjoy your stay.

Thank you for visiting us.

Rest Room Facilities?

Yes, clean rest rooms are available to the public.

Cell phone coverage?

Yes, either Claro or Movistar have good reception there

Useful items that are available to birders?

  • Umbrellas
  • Ponchos
  • Boots
  • Ecuador Bird Guide Book
  • Binoculars

What is the altitude, humidity and climate?

The altitude is 1760 meters asl or 5280 feet asl. The temperature varies from 60 to 80 F.  On the rainy season, it rains every day. The humidity varies between 70 to 100%.

How much are the entrance's fees?

For observation of birds, guided tour at the orchid garden and walking the trails is $ 10  


We do have Wi fi at the groundskeeper's house. Also, the signal for Movistar and Claro are good.

Is food available?

Yes, if you call Mrs. Loor in advance, she can prepare for you typical Ecuadorian fare. Breakfast $ 5, Lunch or dinner $7.50
  • Nanegalito, Ecuador

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